The Routes

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For 2019, you’ll be able to test your mettle on the NEW 200K option, the Whiskey Barrel 200K. With over 12,000 ft. of elevation, it’s certainly among the most challenging gravel rides east of the Mississippi.

The brand new Whiskey Barrel 200K (125.1 mi) is one of the most extreme and challenging gravel rides you are likely to ride and is for experienced gravel and endurance riders only! A total of three loops make up this route for a gut busting 12,171 ft. of climbing. You’ll experience everything that Washington County gravel roads have to offer with rough, muddy roads, steep climbs and descents and you’ll cross over five of the region’s historic covered bridges and one stream without a bridge. For the 200K, there will be FOUR aid stations including the start/finish station.  This route is for the toughest of riders.

The Double Malt 120K (73.9 mi) is THE course that most gravel grinders like to tackle.  You’ll ride two separate loops to experience the full course and cover favorites like Bradbury Hill, Boulder Road, Walker Road and Auld Hill. Long climbs with fast descents, and some unpaved access roads through more state game lands, covered bridges, homesteads and lots of wildlife.  This course has it all! Total Elevation: 7,172 ft.

For those hearty enough, The Single Malt 90K (57.1 mi), contains several very fast gravel descents.  You’ll ride two separate loops to cover the distance and face a challenging route with mixed gravel and crumbling asphalt, off-the-grid homesteads and off-the-beaten path covered bridges.  You’ll pass through more state game lands and follow streams.  Total Elevation: 5,522 ft. 

If you chose The Rye 60K (38.4 mi), you’ll be traveling on some of last year’s favorites like Boulder Road, with some coarse loose rocks and potholes too numerous to count. Riders will be rewarded at the end of many of the climbs with scenic vistas from the ridges, especially at the Aid Station. The course finishes up on Covered Bridge Road where yes, you’ll go through a historic covered bridge. Total Elevation: 3,491 ft.

The Bourbon 35K (21.6 mi) is the shortest route and it will not be easy as you’ll ride 1,841 ft. in elevation. You’ll start with a climb up Dry Run Road, and cross Mount Zion Road and then plunge down a steep descent into one of the PA state game land areas. The route has 6 significant climbs and is perfect for the new-to-gravel rider.

The overall course is comprised of 4 loops that all connect at the start and finish in Morris Township Community Park in Prosperity, PA.  All routes are completed by riding one, two or three of the loops to comprise the total route distance.  You’ll be within 20 mile circle (as the crow flies) of the start & finish at all points on the course, and the loops have very little overlap so you will be experiencing new terrain no matter the distance you choice; you will not ride the same loop twice to just to make up the distance!

You’ll need a gravel bike, cyclocross, touring or mountain bike with at least 32 mm tires.  We recommend 35 mm or wider.